Current Projects

  • [USDA-NIFA] TOXIMAP: Computational Framework for Prediction of Geographical and Temporal Incidence of Mycotoxins in US Crop Fields
  • [NSF-DMREF] Design and Discovery of Multimetallic Heterogeneous Catalysts for a Future Biorefining Industry

Past Projects

  • [NSF-OIA] RII Track-2 FEC: Center for a Sustainable Water, Energy, and Food Nexus (SusWEF)
  • [USDA-NRCS] Demonstration of Model using Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health and Reduce Crop Stress and Aflatoxin Contamination
  • [NSF-IUSE] SciLAF: Scientific-based Learning Assessment Framework for Student Knowledge Tracking
  • [MAGELLAN] Noemi Glaeser: Generating Geographic and Temporal Heat Maps of Aflatoxin Incidence using Regularized Linear Models
  • [MAGELLAN] Jonathan Senn: Validating in Vitro Models for Aflatoxin Production in Maize using a New Open Field Sample Database
  • [SPARC] Xiao Lin: Computational Tool for Identifying Branching Types in Hyphal Growth Models
  • [ASPIRE II] Uncertainty Quantification driven Multi-scale Model Development for Aflatoxin Prediction
  • [ASPIRE III] A Platform for Basic and Applied Research in Personal Robotics